1. Engagements of the TENANT
The rented pitch is exclusively for the tenant and can not be sub-rented. Anyone who is not named on the reservation form, will be considered a visitor. Every minor not accompanied will not be admitted to the campsite. Only minors not accompanied with a parental approval will be admitted to the campsite. A pitch will be designated to you. The campsite holds the right to change places or rental properties without notifying the tenant. The tenant has knowledge of the campsite rules and will respect them during his/her stay.

2. Arrival and departure
Arrival take place between 1500 and 1800 or 1900 hours (depends on the period). In case of a later arrival, the campsite must be notified. Rental properties will be held 24 hours after the original arrival. If the guest does not arrive after 24 hours, the rental property will be de-blocked and the guest will be charged with the full amount of the stay. Departures will take place between 08 and 10 o’clock.  With a departure later then 10 o’clock the guest will be charged with an extra day.

3. Payment
The reservation is complete when a signed contract is returned and a deposit is made. The rest of the amount of the stay must be paid at last on the day of arrival. There will be no refunds in case of a later arrival or earlier departure. In case of an annulation by the guest, the following amounts will be charged : Administration costs due to the rupture of the contract ; 30% of the amount of the stay in case the annulation takes place 30 days or more before arrival ; the whole amount of the stay in case the annulation takes place within 30 days of the day of arrival.

4. Inventory – state of the rental property
The campsite has to provide a rental property as described, hygienic and clean. The guest has to leave it in the same conditions, as it was when he first entered. Every rental property is equipped with ; Dishes, chairs and tables for inside and outside, a cover for the beds (no sheets) and some of them have television. An inventory and cleaning are done before the guest arrives. At arrival the guest has to make an inventory to make sure everything is there. If there is something missing or out of order, it must be reported at the reception within 24 hours after receiving the key. All damage reported after 24 hours will be charged. At departure the staff, accompanied by the guest, will do a second inventory.

5. Assurance
The campsite cannot be held responsible for any theft, loss or damage by nature during the period of the stay. The campsite can ask the tenant to show that his assurance is up to date and paid for and if his/her assurance also covers for risks of fire and water damage. If not, an additional assurance can be taken with his/her assurance company or an assurance just for the period of the stay.

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