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Important information and practical documents

How does it work on the campsite

  • Please lower down your voices after 10PM and respect the other campers after 11PM by making no loud noises at all.
  • Respect the communal buildings and places and use them properly.
  • Visitors have to pass the reception at all times. Vehicles and dogs of visitors are not allowed on the campsite.
  • There are containers outside the campsite where you can put your waste bags in. We also recycle certain things. Please take a look at the yellow bags next to the containers. For all of your glass bottles we have glass containers. Unfortunately we don’t provide in a service for large household items that no longer serve you. Please bring them to the nearest dump.
  • The use of fire is not allowed on the campsite and in the Alpilles. Only gas and electric barbecues are allowed.


  • Minors have to be under constant surveillance of their parents and are not allowed in the communal buildings and places after 11PM.
  • Please be careful when you play a game of Petanque.
  • Riding your bike is allowed on the campsite but mind the other campers and ride safely.

Rules for dogs

  • Dogs from the first and second category are not allowed on the campsite.
  • Their passport has to be shown at your arrival.
  • One dog per pitch is allowed and has to be under constant surveillance of their owner.


  • Dogs have to be kept on a leash at all times. Please walk your dog outside of the campsite. At the entrance we have dog-bags at your disposal.
  • Your pet is not allowed in the toilet facilities or at the playgrounds.
  • It is not allowed for the dogs to sleep on the beds and on the couch in our rental facilities.

Usefull documents